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[ Our main Practices are to give consultation, and advice whom to Claim your life (The Man) from Legal Fiction (dead) and to practice commerce in the the world of fact.

We can advice our clients to become Captain-Postmaster... of their own Vessel as you will become sole-proprietor without any other authority above you.

We can guide you how to register to the self before register (send certify copy) to anyone else to remain as The Man and how to make contract with other Vessel as true Independent Vessel in the world of commerce with standing as high as other Super-States (EU, US, UAE...), or Countries (UK, China, India...). ]

New World Order. 

Since 1871, they control everything. From All sides of Politicians, scientists, journalists, the education system, finance, resources, information... including you and your children.
The main key event in your life is after you are born, they declare you as dead since day one in order to control you.
If this is what you want to be free from, you are in the right place.

Practice Area

What language they are speaking?

It is done by the use of Babel ('babble') language called English-French...or any 8500-Years Of The Syntax-Grammar-Modifications Of Every other Language around the world on paper using mail-fraud and in the courtroom where the game is played in different level playing-field with corners and boxes using vocabulary that normal people do not know that they really mean.

Business Law

[Uni]form Commercial Code UCC 

The game is life and dead, and not knowing the rules will cost you your game. The reality behind the UCC is that as you are declared dead since day one, you are all tagged and marked as property just as cattle is.

Price: £250

Date: 03 July 2021

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Our team works on Microsoft Enterprise intranet platform with complex management system. 

Without Prejudice UCC 1-308.